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There are all kinds of ways to determine if you want to see or skip a movie. You can depend on your favorite critic.  My favorites are the late great Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin. You might go to Rotten Tomatoes to get the consensus of all the critics. You might watch the viewer ratings at Yahoo Movies and IMDB. You might depend on which movies are doing the best at the box office. You might wait for the end of the year awards.

Cogerson Movie Score takes all of these options and creates a mathematical equation that generates a score from 1 to 100. The higher the score the better the movie.  An average score = 39.86 points. So anything over 40 points should be a good movie to check out.  This gives a good comparison number between centuries and now my wife and I can argue over the merits of her favorite, The Sound of Music and one of my favorites, Pulp Fiction using the same scoring criteria.

So far, I've generated scores for 15,000+ movies.  With these scores, I've written 170+ web pages with focus on actors/actresses and similar groups (Star Trek vs Star Wars, Top 100 Sports Movies are examples).  

Currently My Top Ten Most Popular Pages:

#1 Pixar vs Dreamworks

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#8 Elvis Presley Movies Ranked

#9 John Wayne Movies Ranked

#10 Jennifer Lawrence Movies Ranked

Current actors pages are updated weekly when they have movies in theaters.  Classic actors are updated whenever I find new stats on their movies. 


A little about me.

Since January 2011, I've been writing web pages about movies, even won a few writing awards for them. My original pages can be found on HubPages. After two great years on their ad-supported site, I decided to make the leap into my own domain. I really hope you like the results, and encourage you to send comments or suggestions for new pages.

I spent 20+ years managing grocery stores, and am now a full time stay-at-home dad.  I have 6 kids (arrivals from 1988 through 2009) one granddaughter and an awesome wife.   I have to admit my addiction to movies started when I was little, thanks to my Mom, Dad and Grandmother.

I have been hooked on movies for as long as I can remember. So how does one become addicted to movies? In my case I will blame my grandmother and my father. My grandmother was the first bad influence on me. She would take me to nearly every Disney release. As a pre-teen I was under the impression that Gus (the football kicking mule movie) and The Apple Dumpling Gang movies were the pinnacle of movie making.

My Disney bubble started to burst in the mid 1970s. All my friends stopped talking about the latest Disney re-release. Instead movies like Jaws, Rocky and Saturday Night Fever were the talk of my school. Talking rabbits got replaced by naked women swimming in the ocean, boxing matches, and dancing that leads to sex. I only heard about the new movies as my parents would not take me to these new blockbusters as I was not old enough to understand them. My parents did allow me to see some of the blockbusters in the late 1970s. Star Wars, Grease and Close Encounters of the Third Kind were now my new classics.

On June 12th 1981 my young eyes were really opened. On that Friday morning, my father told me we were going to see a movie that was opening that I had never heard of before. My father could tell that I was not really interested. So he tried to get me excited about the movie. He said, "I know you have not heard of this movie, but the guy that made Star Wars and the guy that made Close Encounters got together and made this movie, it is supposed to be pretty good." So we got ready and headed to an early afternoon showing of this movie.

When Raiders of the Lost Ark ended, I was convinced I had seen the greatest movie ever made. I went back that night to watch the movie a second time with some of my friends. Watching it the second time I really paid attention to the opening credits. Starring Harrison Ford ("hey that's Han Solo"), story by George Lucas, and directed by Steven Spielberg. I went to bed that night thinking, there is lots to learn about movies. Almost thirty years later and I still go to bed thinking there is lots to learn about movies.

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